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lyricssonglength, album
'you are the moon that glows in my heart'length: 4:33, Album: Invincible
'cuz you know im a beast, wachin you when you sleep'length: 4:18, Album: Invincible
'aint the pictures enough why do you go through so much to get the stories you need so you can burry me'length: 5:05 Album: Invincible
Love me more, never leave me alone by house of lovelength: 5:30 Album: Invincible
'You Love To Pretend That You're Good when youre really no good'length: 6:02 Album: Thriller
' i dont understand the way you think sayin that shes yours not mine'Length: 3:41 Album: Thriller
Spark My Nature Sugar Fly With Me Don't You Know Nows the perfect timeLength: 3:58 Album: Thriller
'We've Got More Problems than we'll ever need you got gang violence and blood shed on the street'Length: 5:24 Album: Dangerous
Through The Heart Of Your Surrender to your alibis and you can say the words like you understand cuz the powers in believing so give yourself a chanceLength: 5:57 Album: Dangerous
There's A Place In in youpr heart and i know that it is love and this place be much brighter than tomorrowLength: 6:25 Album: Dangerous

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