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Can you name MTG's effects that ask you to discard your own cards at random?

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SetCard NameCard Info
Odyssey3R Common Sorcery
Invasion1RG Rare Enchantment
Stronghold1R Rare Enchantment
Alliances2RR Rare Creature - Human Barbarian
Judgement2R Uncommon Creature - Human Barbarian
Stronghold1BB Uncommon Enchantment
Magic 2010R Common Sorcery
Tempest2RR Rare Creature - Drake
Portal Three Kingdoms1R Uncommon Sorcery
Antiquities3 Rare Artifact
Shadowmoor2RR Rare Creature - Giant Shaman
Innistrad1R Uncommon Sorcery
TormentRR Rare Sorcery
Fallen Empires3 Rare Artifact
Alara Reborn2UBR Uncommon Sorcery
Odyssey4R Uncommon Creature - Dwarf Berserker
Exodus3R Uncommon Sorcery
Odyssey4R Uncommon Creature - Ogre
Theros Beyond DeathRG Rare Legendary Creature - Satyr
Urza's SagaR Rare Sorcery
Portal Second Age1R Uncommon Sorcery
Champions of Kamigawa1R Uncommon Instant
SetCard NameCard Info
Torment1RR Rare Creature - Human Barbarian
Dissention1RR Uncommon Sorcery
Exodus2R Common Creature Human - Wizard
InvasionRG Rare Enchantment
Odyssey1R Uncommon Creature - Minotaur Scout
Eventide2U/R Uncommon Creature - Noggle Rogue
Exodus3RR Rare Creature - Ogre Shaman
Torment4R Common Creature - Human Barbarian
Odyssey2R Common Creature - Dwarf
Portal2RR Rare Creature - Human Barbarian
Urza's Legacy2RR Rare Enchantment
Torment1R Uncommon Enchantment
Fallen Empires5 Rare Artifact
OdysseyR Common Instant
Ixalan2RR Mythic Creature - Human Pirate
Exodus1R Common Instant
TormentR Common Instant
Judgement3R Common Creature - Human Nightmare Barbarian
Ice Age1RG Rare Enchantment
Dissention2RR Rare Creature - Viashino Shaman
Avacyn RestoredRR Mythic Legendary Planeswalker - Tibalt
Apocalypse2R Rare Enchantment

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