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Can you name these brave WWF Enhancement Talents?

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He was the first ever guest on Piper's Pit
Self-proclaimed Canada's Greatest Athlete
Give yourself a pat on the back if you know this individual
WWF Hall of Famer, The Unpredictable One
Before he was the Brooklyn Brawler, he was known in the ring as ?
Lost to King Kong Bundy in '9 seconds' at Wrestlemania I.
He was under the Executioner's mask, in the first match of Wrestlemania I.
The uncle of Randy Orton, who unfortunately didn't climb to the same heights
Dungareed heel faction who liked bones.
Tag team, dressed all in gold, from somewhere in Latin America
Half-brother of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
The man under the mask of 'Who?'
Partner of Paul Roma in the Young Stallions
Known as 'The Duke of Dorchester'
Before he was the Genius, he was a leaping fan favourite!
Italian-born longtime 80's WWF whipping boy
This man played both Kato from the Orient Express, and Max Moon
The third Funk Brother in the WWF
Was defeated by Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania 2
Italian-descended wrestler, who bravely took on the Undertaker in his TV debut
The longest reigning WWF Light-Heavyweight champion of all time
The Portugese Man of War
In Mexico he was known as Madonna's Boyfriend
Wrestling plumber of the 'New Generation'
Mid-90's chainmail-wearing German powerhouse

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