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LyricsSongBand Name
So cry me a fu**ing river bi**hParkway Drive
Never wanted to be anywhere but here.Lamb Of God
Do you remember what we used to have? As if all our dreams were possibleKSE
My strengths been tested, I wear the scars that prove. (song name) will see me throughAll That Remains
Virtue is lostParkway Drive
We'll meet againKSE
So get the fu** out of dodgeAcacia Strain
Everybody's going to the party to have a real good timeSystem of a Down
Now, You're heroes have fallen. Champion mess, The seas are rising.Parkway Drive
A thousand fathers killed, a thousand virgin daughters spread with swords still wet, with swords still wet with the blood of their deadProtest The Hero
LyricsSongBand Name
Im just sitting in my car waiting for my girlSystem of a Down
Clocks won't turn back to save us now. We won't forget we have a chance. Sea of treachery
When your lungs colapse!Parkway Drive
Reverend reverend is this some conspiracy?Pantera
I waited eight long months, she finally set him free I told him I couldn't lie, he was the only one for meSea of treachery
I.....I stand (For nothing) Not crawling (Descending)Mudvayne
Oh **** shake that ass and move it like a gypsyMiss May I
Come crawling faster. Obey your master Your life burns fasterMetallica
The hour of wreckoning draws near Judgment day is here and goneLamb Of God
If I ever, If I never, Make me want to stand up for whatever, Make me say, Make me pay, Make me understand you're there for me In Flames

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