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Can you name the Difficult Seinfeld Trivia From Seasons 1,2,&3

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What was the color and number Kramer sets his air conditioner down at in the episode The Parking Garage?
What name does Elaine shout after taking too many muscle relaxants in the episode The Pen?
What was Elaine's score on her second attempt at George's IQ test on the episode The Cafe?
What dictator would Jerry have been friends with if they had a ping pong table in the episode Male Un- bonding?
What state does Jerry take his then girlfriend Vanessa to for a bed and breakfast in the episode The Stock Tip?
What does Kramer ask for when he calls the man who stole Jerry's car in the episode The Alternate Side?
What is the name of the dog Jerry looks after in the episode The Dog?
What is the book Jerry failed to return in the episode The Library?
What country is Manya from in the episode The Pony Remark?
What is the name of the waitress who gives George caffeinated coffee in the episode The Seinfeld Chronicles?
What was the code word Jerry and George initially create to alert Jerry when Carol is coming in the episode The Phone Message?

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