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What empire unified India?
Who was the most militant emporer of such empire?
Where was the Mauryan Empire located?
The empire went from the bottom of India to over the Himmalayan Mountains 
What was Asoka known for?
After a bloddy battle, Asoka was sad and began preaching peace and spreading Buddhism 
Where was the battle that changed Asoka's stand on violence?
When he saw 100,00 dead, he began preaching peace and tolerance 
Who founded the Gupta Empire?
He did not rise to power in a traditional sense, he married in to a royal family 
What did all Budhists believe they should acheive in a lifetime?
Nirvana is a state of peace acheived by good deeds in ones life 
What were the two seperate groups of Budhists over the new doctorines?
What were the holy structures of the Budhists?
What were the three most important Hindu gods?
Who is the famous Indian who excelled in mathematics?
What is the dynasty that restored China?
What do some modern Chinese citizens call themselves?
They call themselves this because they consider the Han such a great dynasty that they should honor them by descending from them 
How long did the Han Dynasty rule for?
Who ruled after Liu Bang died?
Who resisted te Xiongnu?
What was one of the key points of Han society?
How did the gov. make money?
What did they use this money for?
What was the major advance in job aqcuiring?

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