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Forced Order
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Ultron - Avengers: Age of Ultron
Allie - The Notebook (2004)
Hildy Johnson - His Girl Friday
Count Dracula - Dracula (1931)
Henry Drummond - Inherit the Wind (1960)
Cady Heron - Mean Girls
O-Ren Ishii - Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Sebastian Shaw - X-Men: First Class
Kim Baker - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Carolina - Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Mary Poppins - Mary Poppins
Irene Cassini - Gattaca
Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Howard Brackett - In & Out
Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier - Captain America: Civil War
Igor - Victor Frankenstein
Gordie Boggs - Ready to Rumble
Esther Smith - Meet Me in St. Louis
Dylan Sanders - Charlie's Angels (2000)
Dr. Jo Harding - Twister
Lennie Pike - It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Alfie - Alfie (1966)
Stepmother - Cinderella (2015)
Edison - Chairman of the Board
Wadsworth - Clue (1985)
Wooderson - Dazed and Confused
Penny Lane - Almost Famous
Sid - Ice Age (2002)
Cher - Clueless (1995)
Henry Limpet - The Incredible Mr. Limpet
Carl Casper - Chef
Rusty Griswold - Vacation (2015)
Fear - Inside Out
Eve - Dallas Buyers Club
Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale - McHale's Navy (1997)
Mark Watney - The Martian
Ed Wood - Ed Wood
Sarah - Hocus Pocus
Virginia Baker - Entrapment (1999)
Carl - You, Me and Dupree

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