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Forced Order
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Sheldon Mopes / Smoochy - Death to Smoochy
Randy 'The Ram' Robinson - The Wrestler (2008)
Bliss Cavendar - Whip It
Hedda Hopper - Trumbo
Lone Starr - Spaceballs
Jane Smith - Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Jane Harper - Fun with Dick and Jane (1977)
Ben - Fever Pitch (2005)
Melissa Lewis - The Martian
Pee Wee Herman - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Projectionist / Sherlock, Jr. - Sherlock, Jr.
David Frost - Frost/Nixon
Margo Channing - All About Eve
Russell - Stripes
Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot - Batman Returns
Princess Leia Organa - Star Wars
Bryan Mills - Taken
Jim Preston - Passengers (2016)
Glenn Greenwald - Snowden
Ben Richards - The Running Man
Satine - Moulin Rouge! (2001)
Imperator Furiosa - Mad Max: Fury Road
Albert Goldman - The Birdcage (1996)
Matilda - Matilda
Ricki - Gigli
Gordie Lachance - Stand By Me
Rufus - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow - The Avengers (2012)
Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada
Marguerite Gautier - Camille
Gracie Hart - Miss Congeniality
Dr. Stephen Strange - Doctor Strange (2016)
Kitty Collins - The Killers
Peter Banning - Hook
John Patrick Mason - The Rock (1996)
Kevin Gerrity - Big Daddy
Wayne Szalinski - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Charlie Allnut - The African Queen
Albert - A Million Ways to Die in the West
Crassus - Spartacus

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