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Can you name the Chrono Trigger Dual Techs?

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Crono + Marle
Cyclone + Aura 
Cleave + Ice 
Frenzy + Ice II 
Crono + Lucca
Cyclone + Flamethrower 
Cleave + Fire 
Frenzy + Fire II 
Crono + Robo
Cyclone + Laser Spin 
Cleave + Laser Spin 
Lightning II + Electrocute 
Crono + Frog
Cyclone + Slurp Slash 
Cleave + Water 
Lightning II + Aerial Strike 
Crono + Ayla
Cyclone + Roundillo Kick 
Lightning + Cat Attack 
Cleave + Boulder Toss 
Marle + Lucca
Ice + Fire 
Ice II + Fire II 
Ice II + Flare 
Marle + Robo
Aura + Cure Beam 
Ice + Robo Tackle 
Cure II + Heal Beam 
Marle + Frog
Ice + Water 
Ice II + Water II 
Cure II + Cure II 
Marle + Ayla
Allure + Charm 
Ice + Boulder Toss 
Ice II + Boulder Toss 
Lucca + Robo
Fire + Rocket Punch 
Fire II + Robo Tackle 
Megaton Bomb + Proximity Bomb 
Lucca + Frog
Fire + Aerial Strike 
Megaton Bomb + Aerial Strike 
Flare + Frog Squash 
Lucca + Ayla
Fire + Roundillo Kick 
Fire II + Tail Spin 
Fire II + Triple Kick 
Robo + Frog
Laser Spin + Slurp Slash 
Robo Tackle + Water 
Heal Beam + Cure II 
Robo + Ayla
Robo Tackle + Charm 
Robo Tackle + Roundillo Kick 
Rapid-Fire Fist + Boulder Toss 
Frog + Ayla
Slurp + Kiss 
Water + Roundillo Kick 
Aerial Strike/Triple Kick 

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