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Can you give an answer for each letter of the alphabet in response to these clues about the city of New Brunswick, N.J.?

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Ahistoric bridge connecting the city with Highland Park
Bpark in the northwest corner of the city, named after a historic mansion there
Cprimary street running through the Rutgers campus of the same name
Dall-female residential college located in the southwest corner of the city
Ecolloquial reference to the city's location vis-à-vis the New Jersey Turnpike
Fartery-attacking type of sandwich served locally by pizzarias and the Grease Trucks
Gnew residential and commercial tower integrated into the train station
Hcountry of origin of significant early 20th-century immigrant influx
Iname for the settlement around the turn of the 18th century
Jdouble-named pharmaceutical company founded and headquartered here
Klast name of writer and poet Joyce, born here in 1886
Lhistoric roadway that passed through on what is now modern-day Route 27
Mcounty in which the city located
NNJ Transit line that serves the city's two train stations
Ooldest building on Rutgers campus and home to its administration
Pneighboring town which also hosts Rutgers campuses
Rriver on which the city is located
Qoriginal name of Rutgers University
Stheater located downtown that was renovated in 2003
Tformer NFL quarterback Joe, born here in 1949
Udesignation allowing businesses to charge only a 3.5% sales tax
Vpark-like pedestrian thoroughfare to the south of the Rutgers campus
Wtype of district into which the city is subdivided
Ynew student housing and retail center opened on the former Grease Truck lot in 2016
Zmascot of New Brunswick High School

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