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Can you name the common words that are also places in Virginia?

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v., condemns to certain death or destructionAugusta
n., small picturesque caves, especially artificial ones in parks or gardensAugusta & Rockingham
n., the foliage of the bay tree woven into a wreath or crown and worn on the head as an emblem of victory or mark of honour in classical timesHenrico
v., to cause pain or injury toPittsylvania
v., cooks food in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow panGrayson
n., a woody evergreen Eurasian climbing plant, typically having shiny, dark green five-pointed leavesAlbemarle
n., a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowthBedford
n., the fact or state of being free from outside controlGrayson
v., becomes or makes less wideGiles
n., a musical instrument consisting of a steel rod bent into a triangle and sounded by being struck with a small steel rodPrince William
adj., having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgementWise
n., the land and scenery of a rural areaLoudoun
n., a person whose job is painting buildingsAccomack
adj., (of food or drink) unseasoned, mild-tasting, or insipidBland
n., a herbaceous plant of the pea family, with dense globular flower heads and leaves which are typically three-lobedHalifax
n., a large heavily built crow with mainly black plumage, feeding chiefly on carrionRussell & Tazewell
n., a unit of weight equal to 16 oz. avoirdupois (0.4536 kg), or 12 oz. troy (0.3732 kg)Wise
n., Places where naturally hot water wells up, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activityBath
v., (of water) pours downwards rapidly and in large quantitiesLoudoun
adj., a bright reddish-yellow colour like that of the skin of a ripe citrus fruitOrange

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