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Can you name the towns of Cape Cod by combining the common English words defined below?

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Definition #1TownDefinition #2
v., talk in a friendly and informal wayn., meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg salted and dried or smoked
n., the direction toward the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes, on the right-hand side of a person facing north, or the point on the horizon itselfn., an excessively theatrical actor
**n., a friendly form of address (Indian informal)n., the opening in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted
**adj., in accordance with fact or reality**n., a number of people or things in a more or less straight line
**n., a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends, used especially for tying shoelaces and decorative ribbons**n., a tall, rounded vase with a base, and often a stem, especially one used for storing the ashes of a cremated person
conj., used to link alternatives:v., is in or moves into a sloping position
**n., a wild animal’s lair or habitationv., third person singular present of be
n., a large farm building used for storing grain, hay, or straw or for housing livestockadj., not likely to change or fail; firmly established
n., a loose granular substance, typically pale yellowish brown, resulting from the erosion of siliceous and other rocks and forming a major constituent of beaches and riverbeds**int. pron., asking for information specifying one or more people or things from a definite set
n., a principal administrative division of certain countries or empiresn., an urban area that has a name, defined boundaries, and local government, and that is generally larger than a village and smaller than a city
excl., representing laughter, chiefly used sarcastically as a mirthless or disparaging response to a remark intended to be funny or witty**n., a woman thought to have evil magic powers. Witches are popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick
v., make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation**v., move a spoon or other implement around in (a liquid or other substance) in order to mix it thoroughly
**v., move downward, typically rapidly and freely without control, from a higher to a lower leveln., an opening or entrance to a structure that is hollow, concave, or almost completely enclosed
v., reduce (a food or other substance) to a uniform mass by crushing itv., urinate
adv., in a good or satisfactory wayn., the largest group of naval vessels under one commander, organized for specific tactical or other purposes

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