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Can you name the 20 most populous municipalities in New Jersey when given their municipal origins?

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from Orange town (1863, reincorporated as city 1899)
from Dover, Howell twps. (1850)
from northern Acquackanonk Twp. (1831, reincorporated as city 1851)
from Shrewsbury Twp. (1768, renamed 2006)
from southeastern Acquackanonk Twp. (1869, reincorporated as city 1873)
original township of Monmouth County (1693)
original township of Middlesex County (1669)
from Brick Twp. (1892)
from Bergen Twp. (1820)
original township of Gloucester County (1695)
replaced Acquackanonk Twp. (1917)
from Newton Twp. (1828)
from Nottingham Twp. (1842)
original township of central Essex County (1693, reincorporated as city 1836)
within Hunterdon County (1720, city incorporated separately from township 1792, absorbed township 1837)
from Waterford Twp. (1844, renamed 1961)
from South Amboy Twp. (1869, renamed 1975)
replaced Union Hill, West Hoboken towns (1925)
from Piscataway, Woodbridge twps. (1870, renamed 1954)
original township of southern Essex County (1693, city replaced township and borough 1855)

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