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Can you solve this word ladder, which includes four-letter place names from New Jersey?

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< Bergen Co. borough, pop. 24,136 >
a vein of metal ore
was carried or supported by
a length of strong cord
< Warren Co. township, pop. 1,952 >
an opening in the ground or other surface
strong and healthy
a corridor, or a large event room
< Monmouth Co. township, pop. 26,164 >
a structure used to get water from the ground
a small valley, often wooded
< Monmouth Co. borough, pop. 750 >
a dark greenish-blue color
hot drinks made with crushed leaves
small pegs in golf
a French loanword for 'very'
the Greek god of war
the taxonomic class for birds
monetary units of Macao (1/100th of a pataca)
< Monmouth Co. borough*, pop. 1,901 >

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