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Elsewhere, it is ... Place in Question % Correct
… the capital and second-largest city in Wisconsin, known as a college town where the football stadium would rank as the fifth-largest city in the state when full. (243,344)Madison
… the capital of Germany and second-largest city in the European Union, which has hosted both an Olympics (in 1936) and a World Cup (in 2006). (3,517,424)Berlin
… the capital and second-largest city in Alabama, known best as a hub of activity during the American Civil Rights Movement in the mid-20th century. (205,764)Montgomery
… the capital and sixth-largest city in Illinois, home to Abraham Lincoln from 1837 to 1861, and perhaps home to Bart Simpson, too. (117,006)Springfield
… the capital and largest city in Colombia, and at 8,612 feet above sea level, also the world's fourth-highest capital city. (Population 7,363,782)Bogotá
… the seventh-largest city in the United Kingdom, where the atom was first split and home of the country's most decorated football side. (502,900)Manchester
… merely the 52nd-largest city in the United Kingdom, but one that houses an eponymous university that is the oldest in the English-speaking world. (150,200)Oxford
… the third-largest city in Pennsylvania, not to mention the fastest growing in the state and muse to a Billy Joel song by the same name. (118,032)Allentown
… a small city in northeast Massachusetts that is a significant historical site both for its port and for its role in late-17th century witch trials. (41,340)Salem
Elsewhere, it is ... Place in Question % Correct
… the largest city in Vermont and home to the University of Vermont, not to mention the place where ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's first set up shop. (42,471)Burlington
… the eighth-largest city in California, and home to three major league sports teams, two of which are East Coast transplants originally from Philadelphia. (390,724)Oakland
… a country on the Mediterranean Sea in Western Asia that is nearly surrounded by Syria and gained independence from France in 1943. (4,965,914)Lebanon
… a minor Greek city that lies at the same site as a renowned ancient city-state that boasted nearly 300 years of military preeminience starting in 650 BC. (19,854)Sparta
… a Dutch region containing the Netherland's three largest cities and more than a third its population—leading some to use it as a name for the entire country. (6,314,483)Holland
… the eighth-largest city in Italy and the capital of Tuscany, but more importantly, a famed medieval European financial center and birthplace of the Renaissance. (379,180)Florence
… the third-largest city in Scotland, perched on the coast where the River Dee and River Don empty into the North Sea. (220,420)Aberdeen
… the 'Zinfandel Capital of the World', a California wine town that rock 'n' roll fans probably know best from a Creedence Clearwater Revival song. (62,473)Lodi

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