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Can you complete these lyrics using the names of New Jersey municipalities?

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LyricMunicipality (Song)Artist
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I ____ you dance.Lee Ann Womack
Who needs a house out in __________? Is that all you get for your money?Billy Joel
Follow me, don't follow me. I've got my spine, I've got my ______ crush.R.E.M.
[We] don't dance, we just pull up our pants and do the ________. Now lean back …Fat Joe
Hemingway, Eichmann, Stranger in a Strange Land, Dylan, ______, Bay of Pigs invasion.Billy Joel
She's a _____ and I'm drowning slowly off the coast and I'm headed nowhere.Ben Folds Five
I got to get you hot and heated. Play like Michael _______ and Beat It.2Pac
It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the ______ of the ride.Jimmy Eat World
Who gives a **** about an ______ comma? I've seen those English dramas, too.Vampire Weekend
There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of _____ tomorrow, just you wait and see.Vera Lynn
If everybody had an _____ across the U.S.A., then everybody'd be surfing like Californ-i-a.Beach Boys
Compton and __________ together, now you know you in trouble.Dr. Dre
I can be selfish. Yeah, so impatient. Sometimes I feel like Marilyn ______.Nicki Minaj
I'm stuck in ______ prison, and time keeps draggin' on.Johnny Cash
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in _____________.Bruce Springsteen
All in all it's just another brick in the ____. All in all you're just another brick in the ____.Pink Floyd
_______ Hills, that's where I want to be.Weezer
It's not that easy being _____; having to spend each day the color of leaves.Jim Henson
Well we're living here in _________, and they're closing all the factories down.Billy Joel
In the _____ room with black curtains near the station.Cream

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