Geography Quiz / Hidden Word: Western New York Counties

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Can you find the name of the western* New York county that has been hidden in each sentence?

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Grab a kerosene can, laddies, and start filling these candles so the vigil tonight can go off like an eagle on the wind.
Jean spent the pandemic avoiding crowded places (restaurants, libraries, the mall, e.g.,); anybody who wanted to see her had to quarantine first.
Always aloof, Grace had insulted nearly everyone at the party without realizing it; Mel rolled his eyes, Dee glared, and Gene seethed quietly.
My proposal to swap the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for an Optimal Resource locator (ORL) was shot down; alas, with the ORL, e-answer sites like 'Yahoo Answers' would flourish.
It's been a few years since I used the font 'Ari Oblique', as a grander version called 'Arioso Italico' has arisen.
You can almost hear the drawl oozing from the page when you read Tess' solemn reminder: 'When ya' test the bull, pard, ya' get the horns.'
Whether you transliterate it 'Qatar', 'Quatar', 'Katar' or 'Cattar', augustine approaches to Middle Eastern language theory will keep you on your toes.
Bill knew he would stomp kinship out the bottom of his feet if he argued with his cousin again; he wished to avoid estrangement at all costs.
'Chau, tau!' quacked Diego the Spanish-speaking duck as he waddled away from the heart of Frat Row.
'Ladies! Gentlemen! Behold, as I, the Great Ernesto, welcome you to my Magnificient Metallurgical Menangerie, the first wonder of the postmodern world.
The paper's NBA editor immediately knew 'Yo Ming' was a typo, but was left to ascertain which sloppy hoops reporter penned it.
Al languished in the memory of the peppered lemon roebuck steak he enjoyed on holiday.
Pardon my grouchiness, but I saw that play Hamil-whatever, and the only part I enjoyed were the songs featuring those sisters; I have been acquainted to a few Schuylers in my day.
The SEC alumni tournament came down to a one-hole playoff between Nestor Maracay (UGA '93) and Richard Ingleberry (LSU '77).
Don't show that screen to my Aunti O; games like Starcraft and Final Fantasy VII are too much for her motion sickness.
The year is 2050, and the United Kingdom's 'Return' campaign has hit a fever pitch; the last E.U. benchmark to be cleared is now a simple majority vote among the citizens.
Derrick returned to find that, at the house where he had spent his childhood living, stone walkways and brick facades had given way to dirt paths and cheap siding.
Here in southeastern Arizona and southern California, garambulla cacti are heard of but not overly well known.
I want my gravestone to be a Garden State riff on an an homage to Sinatra: 'I did it my way, New [Jersey], New [Jersey]'.
Dr. King always considered bio and chem unglorious sciences, doubly so compared to the ethereal thrill of phsyics.

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