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Can you find the name of the Maryland or Delaware county that has been hidden in each sentence?

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After a brief stint at the VA hospital in Barling, AR, Ret. Third Lt. Lopez returned to her modest apartment in downtown Fort Smith.
Merritt grew some nice cilantro in his new pot, but knew the thyme was turning bad.
The boat functioned more smoothly once the color-coding system was enforced: Leif (red), Erick (green) and Ari (black).
Note: 'Articles of Incorporation for the Electronic Organization 'SOUTHERN RAPPERS', Proprietors Nelly (Mo.) and Jermaine Dupri (N.C.), e.g., 'eOrg', established 1995 herewith.'
As you know, I—comic old-timer Lucille Ball—am getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Seth grills his burgers well-done, but with steaks and pricier meats, he tends to char less and leave them rare.
If I could, I would mark 'Entitled' on Richard's haughty application to tuba camp.
'I'll trade two pawns for that rook, but without my bishops, I must avoid danger for my queen,' Anne surmised as the clock loomed large in her mind.
As he entered the hall, Egan yelled up the steps to the barefooted scullery maid to wash his pots on the double.
Jerome surely digs cobalt; I'm ore-crazy twice as much as he, though more for nickel and copper.
Both candidates promised to show ardent opposition to the bill, but when the time came, both were out to lunch.
It's a shame to call the new Vice President and Second Gentleman near un-Delawarean, merely because the big boss exudes the First State.
Lamar was thrilled with *most* of his fellow players' performances: running backs each got a SmartCar, o-line got trucks, but the pithy receivers only got Hot Wheels.
You don't always have ash on hand, but you should, my grandpappy always said; after all, it takes a slow ashing to necrotize a wound.
Head down to the showing at the Loew's Claremont: 'Gomer Y. Pyle, Jr., Rides Again'.
Zara couldn't locate the term 'neverending runs' in her guidebook of intestinal issues, but she did come across a page for 'incremental botulism'.
May I recommend 'Blueberries for Some', R.S. Ethenridge's masterful dive into the Upper Peninsula's cut-throat lowbush blueberry industry.
Encore! The director of 'South Pacific' and its new cast led a rousing round of applause from the Sunday matinee crowd.
Which French phrase describes you better: 'J'adore le rappeur Petit Bow Wow' or 'C'est Eric Clapton qui est le meilleur'?
I have five tenets to live by: healthful, lyrical, vertical, pratical and egomaniacal.
Once we mosey down them thar hills and cross them thar fords, we'll be to the plains and livin' easy, pard.
The new piece of sushi was mostly just bland filling, but the intersecting pieces of eel formed a distinct cross, leading it to be dubbed the 'vicar roll'.
'Echo! Echo! Condor!', Chester barked into his walkie; an eerie static whispered back, and he knew he was finished.
Keep an eye out for the boat that C.J. commands, U.S.S. Excalibur, which shall enter the harbor on my command at approximately half past noon.

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