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Forced Order
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What year was the first film released?
Which actor plays Jim?
Which state is the first film set in?
What is the name of the town in this state?
Where is Nadia from?
Which band make a cameo appearance watching Jim and Nadia over the internet?
What is Finch's first name?
What does Stifler put in Finch's mochaccino?
What group does Oz join to lose his reputation as an insensitive jock?
What is the name of the girl he meets there?
What does Jim's Dad take with him to surprise Jim with at college at the start of the second film?
What summer job does kevin find for them?
Where does Jim go to meet up with Michelle?
What is the name of the trombone player he is mistaken for while there?
Where does Oz's girlfriend spend the summer?
What is the name of Stifler's younger brother?
Where do Jim and Nadia go during the party?
What does Sherman call himself?
What is Stifler's Moms name?
What has Finch been learning to try and impress her?
At the start of the third film, where does Jim ask Michelle to marry him?
Which city does Jim go to in an attempt to get a dress made for Michelle?
Where do they find the dressmaker?
Who teaches Jim to dance?
What is Michelle's sister called?
Jim's grandmother doesn't approve of Michelle because she isn't what?
What does Jim drop out of the window which ruins the first wedding cake?
What does Stifler ruin the night before the wedding?
What does he give to Michelle's sister as a sign of remorse?
Name one of the two 'MILF guys' who fantasize over Stifler's Mom in all three films

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