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AThe MLB Home Run King from 1974 to 2007; he still holds the all time record for career RBIs
BThe album art of this 1969 album features four men walking across a street
CA seductive evil spirit that takes the form of a female human
DA 1980 film starring Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray
EThis Australian rock band is headed by Nick Cave
FIn basketball, it goes with 'tip'; in football, it might go with 'hand'
GA person who asks for money because he has little or none of his own
HThis British writer was better known by his pen name, Saki
IThe 50th U.S. State
JThe Arabic name for a pilgrimage to Mecca
KSomething used to cut, or a type of dive
LWhen the lead singer of the band No Doubt went solo in 2004, the third single from her debut album was this
MA poet whose works stretched the limits of English syntax; his works include 'anyone lived in a pretty how town' and 'i carry your heart with me'
NThis holiday song of German origin was translated to English as 'O Christmas Tree'
OAn actor who has appeared in films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City, and most famously, the Lord of the Rings trilogy
PAs an adjective, it means 'fitting'; as a verb, it means 'to seize'
QThe stock symbol for QinetiQ Group PLC
RSomething that the square root of 3 is, but a level-headed person is not
SA synthetic element discovered in 1992; its symbol is Hs
TSomething that becomes either a cake or a baserunner
UWhen something is subject to influence from its surroundings, it is said to 'not exist in' one of these
VA word meaning understanding or intelligence
WAn acronym for a conservationist group and the former acronym of a 'sport' organization
XAn American oil and gas corporation created by a merger in 1999
YAn American vodka that comes in a blue bottle
ZA popular food consisting of bread that is usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese

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