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Can you name these famous race tracks by their corner names?

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Big Bend, West Bend, The No Name Straight
Queens Road, Lakeside Drive, Ascari
White's Corner, The Esses, Mario Andretti Straightaway
Ullman Straight, Bishop, Tower
Griffins Bend, Conrod Straight, The Dipper
Woodcote, Lavant Corner, St. Mary's
Kemmel Straight, Les Combes, La Source
Bolderberghaarspeldbocht, Jacky Ickxbocht, Jochen Rindtbocht
Michelin, Expo '92, Ducados
Curva del Sol, Senna S, Reta Oposta
Paddock Hill Bend, Druids Bend, Brabham Straight
Casino Straight, Virage Senna, Wall of Champions
Thunder Valley, Keyhole, Carousel
Dunlop Curve, Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne
Mobil 1, Sachs, Parabolika
Degner Curve, Spoon Curve, 130R
Michael Schumacher S, Flugplatz, Karussell
Mistral Straight, Virage du Pont, Bendor
Curva Grande, Curva Parabolica, Curva Lesmo
Nishi, Kita, Minami
Gardner Straight, Honda Corner, Southern Loop
Rascasse, Sainte Devote, Portier
Audi S, Malborobocht, Vodafonebocht
Aquarium Way, Shoreline Drive, South Chesnut Place
Anderson Bridge, Raffles Boulevard, Nicholl Highway
Renault, Seat, Campsa
Craner Curves, The Esses, Goddards
Maggotts, Becketts, Stowe
Castrol Edge, Rindt, Remus
Bus Stop Chicane, Dogleg, In-Out
Rahal Straight, Andretti Hairpin, Corkscrew
Canada Corner, Hurry Downs, Kettel Bottoms
Brandish Corner, Birkin's Bend, Doran's Bend
Esses, 10a, Infield Tunnel
Heel, The Boot, Toe

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