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What is Hazel's favorite song?
What is Hazel's favorite drink?
Who is her boyfriend?
Kid 1
Kid 2
Kid 3
Kid 4
Kid 5 (Newborn 2006)
Kid 6
Kid 7
Kid 8
Kid 9
What is the name of the kid that died at birth? (Hint: Alejandro's twin, girl)
When was her first kiss?
What is the name of her horse?
Her famous phrase 1
Her famous phrase 2
When does she prey?
Favorite movie 1
Favorite movie 2
Favorite movie 3
Favorite movie 4
What song did Hazel sing at midnight?
What's Hazel's zodiac?
Which moon phase does Hazel hunt?
What is her favorite author?
What is the width of her stomach?(inches)
Where is she at right now?
Middle Name
When she was 5 years-old, what animal DNA was she injected with?
Where is her favorite place to be rubbed?
What is her remedy?
What place does she stand on the cussing chain?

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