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What is Forrest's username for almost everything?
What word does/did Hazel whisper to female love-lives?
What color is Melvin's hair?
What is the hardest thing Teether has chewed though?
What happens when Timmy cries?
What is Ceasar's favorite pizza place?
How many kids did Sparky adopt?
Which Deatherage is the most dangerous?
What's wrong with Monico's body?
What does the Deatherage Mother do when her kids misbehave?
What is Darkus' most famous phrase?
Who is the easiest music artist they make parodies of?
Most Venomous Deatherage 1
Most Venomous Deatherage 2
What is the only big fear Deatherages have?
What is Forrest's nickname?
What does Buzzkill say to who talks about his tiger-like eyes?
How many kids does Hazel have?(for now)
What do Forrest have for his Deatherage weapon?
What is Crowell's favorite food?
What did Talon say when his niece, Stella, asked him what he would do before he turned human-formed again?
What does Forrest say when he has to go to the bathroom?
How many Deatherages are in existence right now?(under the age of 20)
Why is Monico as skinny as she is?
What do the female Deatherages yell on top of a hill at 12:00 every night?
What does Platinum(Hazel's child), yell when he feels religious?
What did Bolt(Sparky's Adopted Gang), comment to a woman he had seen at a seafood place right to her face?
What is cool about Forrest digestive system?
What does Stella say when she gets annoyed and leaves?
What does Talon have on his back?
What does Sheyla(Timmy Love-Life), say to Forrest to hurt him?'
How many sets of twins(the set of 4 count) are in the Deatherages?(Not counting Ceasar and Buzzkill)
What is the Deatherage Pledge?
How many Deatherages cuss?
What is Talon's favorite song?Hint:His Animal
What is Forrest's favorite beer?
How many Deatherages are in the original gang?
Which Deatherage cusses the most?
How many Deatherage names start with T?
What do people say Hazel looks like?
What did Ceasar say when he tried candy for the first time?
What did Talon say when he was forced to eat pie?
What did Forrest say when he saw to large women having some kind of higher singing contest in the middle of the road?
What is the riddle that goes with Talon?
What is Timmy's animal?
What is Melvin's animal?
What is Teether's animal?
What do Deatherage Hunters use as Deatherage bait?
What do Deatherage Hunters use the most when attacking Deatherages?
What is Ceasar's theme?
When Deatherage Hunters sent out mosquitoes the attack the Deatherages, what did Howley(Hazel's kid) say when they attacked?
What did Harvey(Hazel's kid) say about his horse when Eli(Crowell's kid) asked him to play kickball?

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