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Deatherage Favorite Movies

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Remake Name(Deatherage Style)Actual Movie
Nightmare On Abby's Street
The Cobra Man
The Deatheraged
Texas Deatherage Massacre
Hazel's Baby
The Stella Witch Project
Forrest From The Black Lagoon
The Cabinet Of Dr. Knowledge
Deatherage Semetary
Remake Name(Deatherage Style)Actual Movie
Into The World Of Deatherages
The Wolf
The Raven
The Deatherage And The Rainbow
We All Know What You Did Last Summer
Deatherage Of The Opera
35 Deatherages Earlier
The Deatherage Shadows
Crowell Raiser
Whatever Happened To Baby Caleb?
Night Of The Living Talon
Army Of Deatherages
Deatherage Activity
Cabin In Forrest's Woods
When A Deatherage Calls

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