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Who is his love-life?
Phrase 1
Phrase 2
Twin Brother
He is _______ fiecre..................
What does he like about Morgan the most?
How many kids does he plan to have?
What is the alliteration letter for baby names?
How many days a week does he wear a shirt?
What is his skin temperature?
What is his favorite food?
When he was however many years-old, what animal DNA was injected into him?
What is his record of killings in a night?
What does his name mean?
What do people say he looks like?
What does he say to people he threats to hurt someone?
How old is he?
What is his neck spike collar made out of?
Who is his hero?
What is his favorite weather?
What is his #1 hobby?
WHY does he love Morgan?
What is his favorite game?
What is his legend?

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