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'God looks after the sparrows in the sky, He's gonna look after ___ ____ __ ____ ____.'
What is Julian's favorite drink?
What is the name of Randy and Phil's restaurant?
What is the name of the cat Bubbles takes to jail with him?
'You can fool the F.B.I. but you can't fool the _____.'
What is Phil Collins' full first name?
How many drinks did Lahey have the day he tried to kill Ricky?
What is Ray's hobby?
What kind of joint does Ricky roll and smoke when he wants to get **** wrecked?
How many cans of Ray's ravioli does Ricky eat?
What proof is Lahey's vodka that he tries to pass off as water?
'I don't think the liquor's working for me anymore, ____.'
What does Lahey call Randy when he's drunk?
What is the name of the mountain lion the boys find in the weed field?
What is the name of the crow that Ricky befriends?

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