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Can you name the actors by the clues of who their characters were, for the third time?

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Who was he/she?Actor/ActressIn which movies he/she was all that?
He was feeding Kim Basinger with strawberries, fought on the wrestling ring and whipped Iron Man.
He was trying not to be dead by dawn and mounted a chainsaw as a replacement of his hand. Also, he was the king of rock n roll on retirement.
He was haunted by a giant rabbit, had a dagger that could slow down time and was in love with a cowboy.
He was a great detective, had a fancy battle armor and liked to dress like a girl.
He was deep undercover while dealing with Jack Nicholson and needed to go deeper while sleeping. Also, he was very sad, when he killed a grasshopper.
She was a wife of a lawyer. Her other husband was an astronaut that acted really strange. She ended up killing all the bad men that tried to sleep with her.
He was stuck in a phone booth, escaped from the russian prison camp and ended up in f**ckin Bruges!
She was dating fist fighting enthusiast, was married to a king and was an evil witch.
He found a briefcase full of cash, was attacked by an invisible man and was the oldest Goonie.
First he had no name, then he received a dirty nickname and an orangutan buddy.
Who was he/she?Actor/ActressIn which movies he/she was all that?
He fought a giant shark, had a deadly helicopter and all that jazz.
He was a crime mastermind, a serial killer with a sin obsession and ate a banana with skin and all!
He was a computer program, an elf (half-elf actually) and a Guy Fawkes enthusiast.
He was a tough cop several times, even in a post-apocalyptic world. Also, he really knew what women want.
He was wrogly accused of being an IRA terrorist, he was the last of his tribe and he really loved milkshake!
He was a piano virtuoso who met a giant ape and ripped off the head of a Predator.
He was a blind swordmaster, that turned into wolf during night. And have seen things you people wouldn't belive.
He had to replace his guitar with a shotgun, helped vikings in their battle and signed everything with a single letter.
He fought crime on the streets of Gotham, was hearing dead people on a tape recorder and always showed up everytime you said his name three times.
He was a special forces hairdresser with a life changing remote, and his dad was Satan.

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