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Can you name the Sons of Anarchy characters (up to season 3)?

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Sons of Anarchy
Redwood Original President, First 9 
Redwood Original Vice President 
Redwood Original Sergeant at Arms 
Redwood Original Secretary 
Redwood Original Men of Mayhem 
Redwood Original Men of Mayhem 
Redwood Original Intelligence Officer 
Redwood Original First 9 and co-founder 
Redwood Original Prospect [deceased] 
Redwood Original [incarcerated] 
Redwood Original ex-President, founder, First 9 [deceased] 
ex-Tacoma and Nomad, transferred to SAMCRO 
Tacoma Sergeant at Arms 
Belfast President, First 9 
Belfast Sergeant at Arms 
SoA ladies, family & friends
SAMCRO President's old lady 
SAMCRO VP's old lady, doctor 
SAMCRO VP's son 
SAMCRO Men of Mayhem's old lady 
Teller-Morrow Car Workshop, SAMCRO friend 
SAMBEL president's old lady 
Belfast, SAMCRO Men of Mayhem's old lady 
Belfast, SAMCRO VP's sister 
Police, ATF & the City
ATF Agent 
Charming P.D. Chief 
Charming P.D. Deputy Chief 
Charming city council 
IRA, Mayans & other enemies
The Nords President 
Mayans President 
Calaveras President 

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