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Can you name the Criminal Minds Unsubs or episode to correspond to what they did?

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What They DidUnsub's NameEpisode
Bound victims with intricate knot and strangled 7 women before taking 18 year break because of car accident. He comes back with zip cuffs and plastic bags to kill again.
A paraplegic with a medical degree who had his mentally retarded brother carry out experiments on transients that they kidnapped in Detroit. They kill 89 on the pig farm
Killer in Kansas City who uses the building which his parents had a meat packing business in to kill transients who he abducts off the street, a street cleaner.
Cannibalistic serial killer who believes he is possessed by flesh eating demon. Slits throats of victims and carves pentagram in each one's chest, feeds victim to search party
Cop who shoots victims then comes to their rescue, believes Garcia is on to him so he takes her out on a date then shoots her. Eventually JJ shoots him when he comes into the FBI
Arsonist who obsessive compulsively sets fires on her campus whenever she sets of 3’s because her house number 333 burned down when she was younger but she survived
Killer kills with a .22 in bike helmet, she kills people around actress Lila Archer to further her career because she is in love with her
Copycat killer who stabs constellations into the stomachs of victims with a screwdriver, so she can finish the group of constellations the first killer started
Kills educated middle class women in the same town as another killer. He gets more attention because of his victim type and caught because he always revisits his victims.
Former med student who was raped in a bar and starts to copycat Jack the Ripper. She picks men at bars to be her victim then separates them from the group and kills them.
Brothers who kidnap victims then let them go in the wood and hunt them down with bows and arrows. They also kill a group of campers they come across.
Middle aged business man who is triggered by his daughter's death which he feels is his fault. He kills from his car with a modified shotgun. Kills family and goes on freeway chase
Couple who abduct girls and impregnate them because she is dying of breast cancer and lost her child who was born stillborn, so they are trying to get boy to replace their son.
What They DidUnsub's NameEpisode
Graphic novelist in a psychotic break who kills a group of gangbangers that raped and killed his fiance in front of him. He draws the crime scenes perfectly when comes back.
Unsubs with three personalities, himself, his deceased father, and michael the archangel. He monitors people through their webcams and kills in the name of God. Kidnaps Reid.
Manages Rec center and coaches football team. He also molests boys and kills those who threaten to out him. Morgan is questioned for his crimes and he molested Morgan.
Kills prostitutes in same town as another killer, writes to the paper because he wants attention. Sets up other killer and turns himself in when he doesn't get attention.
High School kid from small town in Texas who was picked on in school and has a learning disability. He goes around avenging perceived wrongs, takes girlfriends with him.
Owner of Crest Cottage motel which he uses to abduct couples and kill them. He places their cars in highway to make their deaths look like an accident, takes women's underwear.
High class prostitute who kills the executives she sees because her dad had 6 year affair with a call girl. Wants revenge for herself and their families.
Owner of Taxidermy shop, who kills customer when he is yelled at because he cant do the eyes like his recently deceased father. He goes on killing spree taking the eyes as souvenir
Hitman for mob & paranoid psychopath who killed over a hundred people but only one woman because his dad beat him and his mom
Killing for years up and down the highway in his van. Crazy Jane is only survivor, trades location of children that he kidnaps for freedom, then kills Gideon’s girlfriend.
Unsub sexually abused by father. Gives her dolls, when he gives them to another girl, she kidnaps women that look like dolls and dresses them up.
Sends team ,who he thinks are the knights of the round table, on a mission to find him and his daughter who he kidnaped. He shoots Elle because the team breaks the rules.
Takes something from each victim and leaves it on the next, he makes deals with the lead detectives on case and watches them fall apart. Stabbed himself to become victim and avert

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