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What is the abbreviation used for when you do a short hop and then using an aerial attack while fast falling and then cancelling the lag?
Which advanced technique transfers momentum from an air dodge into the ground to let you slide?
.. And which character has the longest ?
Which techniquelets you halve your landing lag on aerials?
.. And how many frames before landing (at maximum) may you press L/Z/R for it to work?
Which techniqueuses a jump into an air dodge just before landing to make your movement more tricky, land on a platform, etc.?
Which advanced technique is performed by jumping from the ledge into a diagonal airdodge towards the stage which lets you get up from ledge very quickly (perhaps invincibly)?
Which technique lets you get up quickly or roll when you hit the ground by pressing R?
.. And how many frames is the window for this technique?
Which technique is performed by jumping from ledge and airdodging into the ground diagonally away from the stage which lets you grab ledge again, made famous by a Falcon player?
What advanced technique allows Samus to use a bomb and get a huge horizontal boost?
Which technique allows you to wall-jump without using a jump, popularized by a Falcon player on Yoshi's Story?
Which frame-perfect technique allows you to do anything you can while standing out of a renewed dash?
Which technique, most commonly used by Sheik players, allows you to grab out of a dash-attack?
Which technique, becoming more popular recently, allows you to fall through a platform while in your shield?
Which technique allows you to change your trajectory after you are hit? (Be specific)
.. And by up to how many degrees (to the nearest integer) can you change this trajectory?
Which technique allows you to change your total position by a flick of the control stick while in hit lag?
Which technique allows you to up-smash or standing grab out of a run by performing a move quickly after jumping?
As a follow up, when you jump you are still standing on the ground for a few frames. What is this state called?
When you look at hitbox data, you will see the term IASA. What does IASA stand for?
.. And which marth move notoriously has an IASA frame of 20?
What is the Ice-Climbers infinite called?
Which character can't jump out of shield?
A puff upthrows you under a platform and up-airs you right before you hit the platform so you miss your tech when you land. What is this an example of?
This fox grab into aerial attack has been the downfall of many a Puff player.
Shining, jumping, and then shining again quickly on a certain frame, jumping again, shining again, etc. is called what (give me the general name)?
A variant of the above with Falco involves double jumping after the first shine and air-dodging down after the second one, and repeating. Who is this technique named after?
Now, let's do some players. Who is widely regarded as the GOAT (greatest of all time)?
.. And who is he sponsored by?
Who is the Swedish Sniper, the best in the world for a time and the champion of Genesis 2?
.. And who is he sponsored by?
Another swede, he recently broke the barrier into godhood to make six?
.. And his sponsor?
Which Falco/Marth god is known for his solid neutral game?
.. And his sponsor?
Which Puff player is known for using the Green headband?
.. Sponsor?
Which player whose mains include Sheik, Marth, and Fox is known as the Robot?
Which Fox main from Washington got second to Hax at Do You Fix Wit It?
Which now-Sheik/Marth main from NorCal abandoned Doc?
Which mexican Fox main is perhaps best known for his upset of PPMD at Apex 2012?
Which creative Marth main from NorCal wore a hot-dog shirt to EVO 2013 and wears tie-dye shirts to Kings of Cali?
Which previously NorCal but currently SoCal Ganondorf main is known for his strange antics and flashy playstyle?
Which top 10 player hails from Arizona and is known jokingly as Walgreens Drake?
Which Fox/Falco (and previously Doc) main from NorCal is credited with keeping the Melee scene alive during the Dark ages through his YouTube channel?
.. And which Fox main is his partner in crime?
Which tournament featured a nail-biting Game 4 between a Marth and a Falco, which perhaps lived up to its name?
To the nearest thousand, how much money was raised by the Smash community to let Melee into EVO 2013?
And finally, what is the most recent era of smash referred to, since the adjective 'Golden' was already taken?

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