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a wannabe gangster thinkin's he's a wise guyBlood Sugar Sex Magik
i got stopped by a lady cop in my automobileBlood Sugar Sex Magik
realize I don't wanna be a miser / confide with sly you'll be the wiser Blood Sugar Sex Magik
I could never change just what I feel / my face will never show what is not realBlood Sugar Sex Magik
I am a man cut from the know rarely do friends come and then goBlood Sugar Sex Magik
I like pleasure spiked with pain and music is my (song title)One Hot Minute
ex-girlfriend called me up alone and desperate on the prison phone they want to give her seven years for being sadOne Hot Minute
my mouth fell open hoping that the truth would not be true refuse the newsOne Hot Minute
(song title) are you wasting away in your skin?Californication
pour my life into a paper cup / the ashtray's full and I'm spilling my gutsCalifornication
born and raised by those who praise control of population / well everybody's been there and I don't mean on vacationCalifornication
your solar eyes are like nothing I have ever seen / somebody close that can see right throughCalifornication
sit up straight I'm on a double date I've got to find my way into the light heavy middle weightBy The Way
deep inside the canyon I can't hide / All I ever wanted was your lifeBy The Way
steak knife / card shark / con job / boot cutBy The Way
let's keep the moon awake and do electric boogalooBy The Way
I change key from C to DBy The Way
the sun will make and I will take breath to be sure of thisBy The Way
music the great communicator use two sticks to make it in the natureBy The Way
you're so polite indeed / well I got everything I need / oh make my days a breeze / and take away my self destructionGreatest Hits
eyes wide with revelation / chime at the police station / and when the verdict comes round / I'm sure that you will go downGreatest Hits
to medicate this state of mind, you'll find is overrated.. do you?Greatest Hits
runnin' through the field where all my tracks will be concealedStadium Arcadium
Please don't (song title) / Leave something behindStadium Arcadium
my shadow side so amplified keeps coming back disatisfiedStadium Arcadium
and if I heard the angels sing I'd sing it back to you and bring the sound of heaven ringing just for youStadium Arcadium
tell the man what did you have in mind what have you come to doStadium Arcadium
a rainy lithuanian who's dancing as an indian painted in my tiger skin (song title)Stadium Arcadium
celebrated but undisturbed and serenaded by the terror birdStadium Arcadium
piece of work I was really quite a jerk keeping score is such a bore a busy mind can go berserkI'm With You
let me live so when it's time to die even the reaper criesI'm With You
lip stick junkie debunked the only one she came back wearing a smileI'm With You
I guess I didn't see it coming / Now I guess it's me who's bumming I'm With You

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