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Can you name the Heroes of Dota 2 given one of their signature skills (read game note)?

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Astral SpiritRadiant Strength
Shallow GraveDire Intelligence
Fury SwipesRadiant Agility
ExorcismDire Intelligence
RelocateRadiant Strength
Eye of the StormDire Agility
Primal RoarRadiant Strength
PhantasmDire Strength
Split shotDire Agility
ShrapnelRadiant Agility
Spell StealRadiant Intelligence
Wall of ReplicaDire Intelligence
Reverse PolarityDire Strength
Global SilenceRadiant Intelligence
ReincarnationDire Strength
Nether SwapRadiant Agility
LaserRadiant Intelligence
RavageDire Strength
HauntDire Agility
Counter HelixDire Strength
Shuriken TossRadiant Agility
PounceDire Agility
Viscous Nasal GooRadiant Strength
Spirit BearRadiant Agility
OmnislashRadiant Agility
RepelRadiant Strength
Freezing FieldRadiant Intelligence
Primal SplitRadiant Strength
Split EarthDire Intelligence
Mass Serpent WardRadiant Intelligence
Stifling DaggerDire Agility
Elder Dragon FormRadiant Strength
Scream of PainDire Intelligence
Ice BlastDire Intelligence
Thundergod's WrathRadiant Intelligence
FissureRadiant Strength
TeleportationRadiant Intelligence
Song of the SirenRadiant Agility
Arcane BoltRadiant Intelligence
HookshotRadiant Strength
Spiked CarapaceDire Agility
Multi CastRadiant Intelligence
OvergrowthRadiant Strength
Frost ArrowsRadiant Agility
Black HoleDire Intelligence
RuptureDire Agility
BackstabRadiant Agility
Ghost ShipRadiant Strength
Spell ShieldRadiant Agility
Stone RemnantRadiant Strength
Illusory OrbRadiant Intelligence
Dual BreathRadiant Intelligence
Meat HookDire Strength
Hunter in the NightDire Strength
Spawn SpiderlingsDire Agility
Requiem of SoulsDire Agility
Chaos MeteorDire Intelligence
Shadow PoisonDire Intelligence
DuelRadiant Strength
ShackleshotRadiant Intelligence
GrowRadiant Strength
Searing ChainsRadiant Agility
ChakramRadiant Strength
Life DrainDire Intelligence
Hand of GodRadiant Intelligence
Laguna BladeRadiant Intelligence
Conjure ImageDire Agility
Psionic TrapRadiant Agility
Flaming LassoDire Intelligence
Voodoo RestorationDire Intelligence
Ball LightningRadiant Intelligence
StampedeRadiant Strength
Life BreakRadiant Strength
Chaotic OfferingDire Intelligence
Divided We StandDire Agility
Lucent BeamRadiant Agility
Homing MissileRadiant Agility
Chain FrostDire Intelligence
Searing ArrowsDire Agility
Storm HammerRadiant Strength
Mana DrainDire Intelligence
NethertoxinDire Agility
Slithereen CrushDire Strength
Charge of DarknessDire Strength
SnowballRadiant Strength
Time LapseDire Agility
Nature's AttendantsRadiant Intelligence
IlluminateRadiant Intelligence
Reaper's ScytheDire Intelligence
WaveformRadiant Agility
Unstable ConcoctionRadiant Strength
Summon FamiliarsDire Intelligence
Static StormRadiant Intelligence
Sacred ArrowRadiant Agility
Astral ImprisonmentDire Intelligence
Open WoundsDire Strength
DoppelwalkRadiant Agility
Whirling AxesRadiant Agility
Plague WardDire Agility
EpicenterDire Strength
Summon WolvesDire Strength
LVL? DeathDire Strength
SupernovaRadiant Strength
ChronosphereDire Agility
Aphotic ShieldDire Strength
TombstoneDire Strength
NightmareDire Intelligence

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