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Solve the anagram: Alec Guinness
Apu has a PhD in Computer Science from where?
At Bart's new Christian school, he begins to sing THIS SONG:
While in his one man band, Homer gets attacked by a Monkey with this name
What word does Milhouse claim ownership of?
While on a mission in Shelbyville, what are the team names used by the Springfieldians?
What is Selma's adopted childs' name?
According to the VHS tape, what is one of 'Footballs greatest injuries'?
While Smashing the Burlesque house, what weapon does Hans Moleman possess?
While washing his Car, Apu Listens to WHICH a Cheap trick song?
Who voiced the Space Coyote?
What is Comic Book Guy's real name?
While the Comet hurdles towards earth, what song do the townspeople sing in unison?
Who stole the word TWENTY?
Marge is afraid of flying, while Homer is afraid of...?
When Krusty fakes his death, what name does he give himself aftwards?
Who dances for nickels at the bait shop?
Which character enjoys Vaseline on toast?
What is the name of Professor Frink's super sour ball?
Finish the following thought: DENTAL PLAN =
'The Critic' Jay Sherman can belch just as loud as THIS pulitzer prize winner:
What kind of shoes does Rainier Wolfcastle usually wear
Homer got stuck in a vending machine while attempting to steal THIS beverage
Who taught the 'How to eat an orange' class at the adult education annex?
According to Dr. Nick, what disorder does Grampa Simpson suffer from?
What was the name of the pool purchased by the Simpsons?
What band has the 'Bong-rattling Bass of Mel Schacher, and the competent drumwork of Don Brewer'?
If Bart were reincarnated, what would he come back as?
Complete the following: Walla-Walla, Keokuk, Cucamonga...
What actor does Marge fantasize about?
Who is Homer's favourite fictional character?
When Homer starts his internet company 'Compuglobalhypermeganet', what title does he give himself?
What did the cat burglar steal from Bart?
What are the names of Bart's pet lizards
What is the name of the reporter from 'Rock Bottom'
Who voiced the Leader of the Stone cutters?
Where does Homer get accidentally baptised?
What is the name of the 'Old Italian Stereotype'?
Lisa takes Nelson shopping at THIS store:
Metal dealie... used to dig... food?
What book is Christopher Walken seen reading to children?
What makes your car go faster?
traB pu kcip
yvan eht nioJ
What does Homer mistake god for?
Where is the Flander's beachside cabin?
Who is Krusty's half brother?
Who spanked Grampa Simpson on two non-consecutive occasions?
According to the Stonecutters, what is the real number to call in case of emergency?
What is the name of McBain's action/comedy movie?
Who is Bleeding Gums Murphy's little brother?
What did Milhouse trade Bart's soul for?
What entree was served at Martin Prince's birthday?
What is the name of the Simpsons' spinoff featuring Grampa?
When Milhouse gets the role of 'Fallout Boy', what does his mother purchase (and immediately use)?
What Comic book does Milhouse get suckered into buying (while working at the comic book store)?
What goes good with a serving of 'Khal Khalash'?
Where can you buy Jimbo's hat?
What does E.A.R.L stand for?
What is the name of Barney Gumble's award winning film?

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