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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince?

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Chapter #CharacterChapter Question
1Who replaces Fudge as Minister of Magic
2Who binds the Unbreakable Vow between Narcissa and Snape?
3Who becomes Harry's new house elf?
4Where is the family who owns the house that Slughorn is hiding in?
5What do some of the Weaselys call Fleur behind her back?
6Who does Draco tell Borgin is a family friend?
7Who in the Slug Club has an infamous mother?
8Who teaches Potions this year?
9Who does Harry wrestle with to get the new copy of Advanced Potion Making?
10What is Merope's maiden name?
11Who does Hermione use a confundus charm against at Quidditch tryouts?
12What curses Katie Bell?
13What profession does young Tom Riddle think Dumbledore has?
14What color is Felix Felices?
15Who does Filch catch crashing Slughorn's Christmas party?
Chapter #CharacterChapter Question
16What does Kreacher get Harry for Christmas?
17What is the name of Marvolo Gaunt's son?
18What is the name of a stone taken from the stomach of a goat whitch will protect you from most poisons?
19What is the name of the elf pleased to tail Draco?
20What is engraved on Helga Hufflepuff's cup?
21What room did Harry fail to get into in the castle?
22What is the name of Hagrid's pet that died?
23What do you put pieces of your soul into?
24Which of the Half-Blood Prince's spells did Harry use against Draco in the boys bathroom?
25Who was kicked out of The Room of Requirement?
26What did Voldemort put in the lake to protect the locket?
27Who is Draco asked to kill?
28Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
29Who did Fenrir Greyback attack but not transform?
30What color was Dumbledore's tomb?

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