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Character's Full NameDescription
 blonde haired evil student
 headmaster of Hogwarts
 the chosen one
 Harry's best friend
 werewolf member of the order
 the Half-Blood Prince
 Transfigurations Professor
 framed Hagrid for opening the Chamber of Secrets
 Muggle-born witch. best of her year
 real name is Nymphadora (1st name only)
 Harry's godfather
Character's Full NameDescription
 posessed by Tom Riddle's Diary
 married Fleur Delacour
 becomes High Inquisitor for a year
 Gryffindor prefect Harry's first year
 half-giant who lives in a hut
 Killed by Voldemort in Tri-Wizard Tournament
 Went to the ball with Cedric Diggory
 Parents killed by Bellatrix Lestrange
 house elf for the Malfoys (1st name only)
 house elf for the Blacks (1st name only)
 works with dragons in Romania

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