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I'm not makin' any sense (no you're not), All will be revealed...Common Dreads
My white abode, do you remember...Take to the Skies
We've been hiding here for a thousand years...Take to the Skies
Crushing all in its path...Common Dreads
And anyway who cares? The sun is out...The Zone
We still have the element of surprise. Defence sheilds, DOWN...Take to the Skies
The herd is rowdy, the squad is vexed...Common Dreads
Something trips inside that's been dormant for a thousand years...Common Dreads
The orangutan is quite content, sipping his champagne...The Zone
Plenty more fingers for you to nibble...Take to the Skies
A spanking panoramic view...The Zone
Home could be anywhere when I am holding you...Take to the Skies
You can have skirting board shoes and plug sockets on your knees...Common Dreads
Throw it up, start again...Common Dreads
The cracking as his eyes split in two, if only she knew...Take to the Skies
Constellations yes, all 88 of them..We can Breathe in Space, They Just Don't want Us to Escape EP

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