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2295OF Athletics
2227OF Giants
2174OF Braves
2165IF/OF Reds
2075OF Yankees
2062OF Giants
2021IF Yankees
1949OF Cardinals
1923IF Yankees
1888IF Yankees
1859OF Giants
1844IF Astros
1829OF Reds
1816OF Red Sox
1798OF Red Sox
1782IF Brewers
1774IF Tigers
1773*IF Cardinals
1751IF Athletics
1677OF Yankees
1669OF Yankees
1668OF Royals
1663IF Rangers
1662OF Mariners
1650IF Reds
1647IF Orioles
1636OF Marlins
1632IF Brewers
1627OF Pirates
1627IF Orioles
1622OF Tigers
1619IF Braves
1610OF Cardinals
1583IF Royals
1583IF Indians
1582OF Royals
1571OF Nationals
1551OF Athletics
1544OF Red Sox
1532IF Cardinals
1528OF Indians
1524IF Rangers
1517IF Astros
1513IF Red Sox
1509IF Braves
1508IF Blue Jays
1507OF Athletics
1506IF Phillies
1494IF White Sox
1483OF Twins
1475OF Cubs
1470OF Red Sox
1453OF Phillies
1445IF Indians
1443OF Diamondbacks
1424IF Twins
1421IF Phillies
1420OF Mariners
1419DH Red Sox
1416OF Pirates
1412OF Diamondbacks
1410OF Cubs
1408OF Twins
1401IF Rockies
1390OF Yankees
1388*OF Tigers
1386IF Tigers
1383OF Padres
1374IF Cardinals
1373OF Nationals
1366OF Yankees
1365OF Reds
1359OF Dodgers
1357OF Red Sox
1355OF Rockies
1354C Rangers
1349IF Braves
1344IF Giants
1338IF Dodgers
1335IF White Sox
1329IF Reds
1328OF Nationals
1322OF Phillies
1320IF Giants
1319IF White Sox
1318IF Cubs
1305IF Cubs
1305OF Cubs
1300IF/OF Athletics
1299OF White Sox
1296OF Twins
1287OF Twins
1285IF Indians
1283IF Twins
1279IF White Sox
1276C White Sox
1272IF Reds
1272OF Pirates
1259OF Dodgers
1258OF Giants
1257IF Cardinals
1253OF Red Sox
1251OF Cardinals
1249OF Red Sox
1249IF White Sox
1247OF Cardinals
1241IF Blue Jays
1240Of Giants
1239IF Yankees
1239OF Athletics
1239IF Cubs
1236DH Angels
1236IF Twins
1233IF Twins
1232IF Orioles
1231IF Tigers
1230IF Athletics
1229IF Giants
1227IF Athletics
1224OF Indians
1223IF Cardinals
1219DH Mariners
1217OF Dodgers
1215*IF Rangers
1215IF Twins
1211IF Cardinals
1204OF Braves
1201OF Pirates
1200IF Cardinals
1198OF Cardinals
1197OF Braves
1196IF Twins
1195OF Pirates
1195IF Rockies
1193IF Yankees
1189OF Mets
1189OF Pirates
1188*IF Yankees
1188OF Angels
1187OF Nationals
1186IF Giants
1186OF Athletics
1186OF Yankees
1183IF Pirates
1181IF Athletics
1180*IF Mets
1179IF Cubs
1177IF Cardinals
1175C Yankees
1174IF Twins
1173IF Pirates
1173*OF Tigers
1170OF Blue Jays
1168OF Phillies
1168OF Royals
1167IF Athletics
1163OF Dodgers
1163IF Dodgers
1162IF White Sox
1157OF Cardinals
1152IF Yankees
1151IF Indians
1151IF Tigers
1146OF Astros
1144OF Yankees
1143IF Dodgers
1141IF Indians
1139IF Blue Jays
1138IF Cubs
1137IF Rangers
1136OF White Sox
1132IF Twins
1131OF Giants
1130IF Giants
1130IF Twins
1129OF Reds
1129OF Blue Jays
1125OF Blue Jays
1125OF White Sox
1124IF Mets
1124OF Athletics
1123OF Red Sox
1123IF Pirates
1121OF Pirates
1120IF Giants
1118IF Cardinals
1118OF Tigers
1118OF Giants
1115IF Rangers
1109OF Nationals
1105OF Astros
1105IF Dodgers
1104IF Cardinals
1103IF Phillies
1099IF Phillies
1099IF Yankees
1098IF Cubs
1097OF Reds
1095IF Athletics
1094IF Red Sox
1092OF Royals
1091C Reds
1084OF Astros
1084OF Pirates
1084OF Angels
1084OF Rangers
1083OF Braves
1081IF Cubs
1080OF Braves
1077IF Cubs
1076OF White Sox
1075OF Marlins
1074C Cardinals
1071OF Twins
1070IF Orioles
1067IF Dodgers
1064OF Mariners
1064IF Pirates
1064IF Giants
1063OF Red Sox
1063IF Braves
1062OF Orioles
1062C/OF Brewers
1061OF Rangers
1057IF Blue Jays
1055OF Mariners
1051OF Tigers
1048C Mets
1046IF Tigers
1046OF Red Sox
1045*IF Marlins
1044IF Orioles
1043*OF Orioles
1041C Athletics
1041OF Yankees
1037OF Dodgers
1037OF Reds
1036OF Astros
1033IF Angels
1030C Pirates
1025C Nationals
1023IF Dodgers
1022OF Blue Jays
1018C Twins
1017IF Twins
1017OF Brewers
1012IF Brewers
1010OF Cardinals
1009IF Phillies
1009IF Yankees
1008IF Orioles
1007IF Yankees
1007IF Athletics
1006IF White Sox
1006IF Yankees
1005IF Reds
1005IF Phillies
1004OF Cubs
1001IF Orioles
1001IF Marlins
999*DH Blue Jays
998OF Rays
997IF Giants
997IF Padres
996C Braves
996*OF Brewers
996IF Rockies
993IF Reds
990IF Cubs
987IF Phillies
986IF Yankees
986OF Reds
986OF Angels
986IF Cardinals
985OF Orioles
985OF Braves
985OF Tigers
985OF Phillies
985IF Nationals
984OF Royals
982IF Athletics
977IF Dodgers
974OF Indians
973OF Tigers
973IF Angels
972OF Yankees
972OF Reds
971OF Indians
971OF Pirates
968OF Cardinals
966IF Athletics
964OF Yankees
964OF Dodgers
960OF Indians
959IF Reds
957IF Red Sox
955*OF Diamondbacks
954OF Tigers
951IF/OF Tigers
950OF Cubs

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