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Can you name the following personages and events of ancient Armenia?

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Armenian Kingdom reached its greatest extent under this king
Armenian general under Byzantinum who for a short time assumed the title Emperor
First king to convert to Christianity
After defeating the Seleucids, Rome granted autonomy to Armenia under this treaty
Founder of Bagratid/Bagratuni dynasty, in defiance of Arab forces
Founder of Erebuni, modern-day Yerevan
Captured, and later executed, by Mark Anthony and Cleopatra
10th century Armenian monk, poet and philosopher
After Sassanid defeat by Emperor Diocletian, this treaty put Armenia under Roman suzerainty
Legendary progenitor of Armenia, after whom the country is named
Compromise that established co-suzerainty of Armenia between Rome and Parthia
'The City of 1001 Churches'. The famous capital of Bagratid Armenia
Warrior-saint that rebelled against Sassanid Persia
This battle eventually enabled Seljuk Turks to completely take over Armenia
The first emergence of Armenian kingdom
Founder of the Artaxiad/Artashesian dynasty. Paved the way for massive territorial expansion
Avenged his father's death by successfully fighting off the Arabs
Armenian chronicler from 5th-6th century
Inventor of the Armenian alphabet
Brother of a Parthian King, who was crowned as King of Armenia by Emperor Nero. Founder of Arsacid/Arshakuni dynasty
First Supreme Patriarch
Cilician Armenia reached its greatest extent under this king
One of the greatest generals in Byzantine history, that served under Justinian

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