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Who beat Jana Fett?

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Montpellier 50k 1RRUS
Maribor 25k 2RGEO
Santa Margherita di Pula 10k QFNOR
Trnava 100k 2RRUS
Wiesbaden 25k 1RRUS
Istanbul 50k 2RISR
Croissy-Beaubourg 50k Q2BUL
Oslo 10k SFTUR
Launceston 50k 2RJPN
Burnie 50k 2RPOL
Ankara 50k 2RUKR
Sharm El Sheikh 25k 2RESP
Sharm El Sheikh 25k FQCRO
Istanbul 25k SFCZE
Joue-les-Tours 50k 2RROU
Bol 10k SFCRO
Bol 10k FCRO
Bol 10k QFCZE
Vinkovci 10k 1RSLO
Vienna 10k 2RESP
Bad Waltersdorg 10k QFAUT
Maribor 25k Q1BEL
Bol 10k 2RSRB
Bol 10k 2RCRO
Sharm El Sheikh 10k 2RITA
Sharm El Sheikh 10k 1RBEL
Kreuzlingen 25k 1RSUI
Bol 10k 2RCZE
Dubrovnik 10k 1RCZE
Dubrovnik 10k QFRUS
Solin 10k QFCZE
Portschach 10k Q3GER
Sibenik 10k 1RCZE
Bol 10k 2RFRA
Antalya 10k 1RCAN
Antalya 10k 1RAUT

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