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The seventh planet from the sun is?
How many objects are listed in the Messier Catalog?
What color is the sun?
On average, what is earth's distance from the sun?
Actual name of Messier 33?
How many known constellations are there?
What is the apparent magnitude of the star Vega?
How many moons does earth have?
An apple supposedly fell on whose head?
Name the second brightest star in the night sky
What is currently the third brightest overall object in the sky?
The constellation Leo represents what animal?
What galaxy does earth reside in?
The Sun currently fuses hydrogen into what?
What constellation does Sirius lie in?
Which planet is largest in the solar system?
Closest galaxy(ies) to earth are?
What is the name of the apparent 'north star'?
Which constellation is this star in?
Is Orion considered a winter or summer constellation in the northern hemisphere?

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