Television Quiz / Glee, American Horror Story or Scream Queens?

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Type G if the character appears in Glee, Type A for American Horror Story or S for Scream Queens

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Pete Martinez
Elsa Mars
Dr. Oliver Thredson
Santana Lopez
James March
Blaine Anderson
Grace Gardner
Violet Harmon
Dave Karofsky
Denise Hemphill
Dr. Cassidy Cascade
Cathy Munsch
Cassandra July
Myrtle Snow
Will Schuester
Madison Montgomery
Hester Ulrich
Audrey Tindall
Tate Langdon
Ryder Lynn
Shannon Beiste
Earl Grey
Ingrid Hoffel
Marie Laveau
Mercedes Jones
Chad Radwell
Marley Rose
Will Drake
Lana Winters
Chester Creb

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