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the Honeymooners character Jackie Gleason wanted to send to the moon
a piece of pie or pizza
Ghostbuster's green goo
common playground equipment
70's UK band
cutting portion of a knife
what occurred in the movie Towering Inferno
to make or cover with brass
a widespread fad
a wooden shipping box
lifting equipment
withered, witchlike old woman
duplicate thing or person
solitarily - without others
make amends or reparation
small rock
past tense of what a light or the sun does
small, light busquit
portion of a movie or a play act
pleasing smell or odor
limited, not abundant
tilt, as in an italic font
component of flora
flat surface, or flying device
shallow circular dish
to make happy or proud
the best, or a printing type
woman's name, or Lotus car model

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