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Which New England state matches these descriptions?

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DescriptionState (Abbrev)
Home to presidential retreat Kennebunkport
Has the third largest city
Has the lowest unemployment rate (2012)
Home to Yale University
Produced the band with the hit song More Than a Feeling
Home base for the magazine 'Yankee'
Has a Republican governor
Hosts NASCAR Sprint Cup races
Has the highest paid public school teachers
Where Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick
Home to former NHL team the Whalers
Known for its potatoes
Port for ship Andrea Gail of Perfect Storm infamy
Won the men's and women's NCAA basketball championship this past season
License plates carry the state motto 'Live Free or Die'.
DescriptionState (Abbrev)
Birthplace of Stephen King, and setting for much of his horror
Known for its maple syrup
Birthplace of basketball
Home to the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant
Smallest in area, but densest in population
Home of Killington and Stowe ski areas
Location of Logan International Airport
Home to Johnson & Wales University
Contains the longest stretch of Interstate I-89
Hosted NFL games only from 1973-1974
Home of Acadia National Park
Location for 121 institutions of higher education
Birthplace of Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge
Fictional setting for the animated TV show Family Guy
Home to Franklin Pierce University

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