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Can you name the actor (Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford or Nicholas Cage) based on the clues??

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ClueActor's Last Name
he began dating Calista Flockhart in 2002
helped stop an unmanned runaway train
his character has a love interest with an Amish woman
voice of Woody in Toy Story series
plays an eccentric historian who finds treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers
starred as Bleek Gilliam in the Spike Lee film Mo' Better Blues
played opposite John Travolta in the movie Face/Off
wore a famous fedora in a series of movies
played a lead role on the sitcom Bosom Buddies
starred in Ghost Rider, based on a Marvel Comics character
played character Jack Ryan in two films
starred along side Whitney Houston in The Preacher's Wife
starred in the The Coen Brothers cult-classic comedy Raising Arizona
portrayed a washed-up baseball star turned manager
starred as Dr. Phillip Chandler in the television hospital drama St. Elsewhere
ClueActor's Last Name
plays a young FBI chemical weapons expert who infiltrates Alcatraz Island in The Rock
starred in box office bomb Joe Versus the Volcano
injured his chin in a car accident at age 20 - the scar is still visible
fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor
his son John David signed a football contract with the St. Louis Rams in May 2006
teamed up with Meg Ryan in three films
as of 2008, the US domestic box office grosses of his films totaled $3.4 billion
birth surname is Coppola
before his big break, he was hired to build cabinets at the home of George Lucas
appeared with Cher in the movie Moonstruck
is an avid comic book fan who auctioned a collection of 400 vintage comics for over $1.6 million
played the character Joe Miller in the movie Philadelphia
son Colin starred in the science fiction series Roswell
is a private pilot of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
starred on Broadway as Marcus Brutus in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar

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