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Can you name the people, places and events of 1960?

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US President 
US Vice President 
Winner of US presidential election 
City where new 50-star US flag is first flown 
Democratic National Convention site 
Republican National Convention site 
MLB Champion 
NBA Champion 
NHL Champion 
NFL Champion 
Summer Olympics host site 
Winter Olympics host site 
US Stats
69.7 years 
Academy Award, Best Picture, produced by Sam Zimbalist (starring Charlton Heston) 
Grammy Record of the Year, recorded by Bobby Darin 
Pulitzer Prize Book by Harper Lee, with racial injustice theme 
Alfred Hitchcock horror movie starring Anthony Perkins 
Country from which Elvis Presley returns home after serving military duty 
Broadway musical opens, and runs for 42 straight years 
World Events
First nuclear submarine to circumnavigate the globe 
Country where Typhoon Mary kills 1,600 
Mediterranean island gains independence from UK 
Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,and Venezuela form this organization 
USSR leader pounds shoe on UN table 
Country detonates its 1st atomic bomb in Sahara 
U-2 spy plane pilot shot down by Soviets 
Infamous Nazi war criminal is captured 
Lead singer of rock band R.E.M. 
Lead singer of rock band U2 
US gold medal winning diver 
Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback 
Los Angeles Raiders/Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame running back 
Denver Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback 
No. 1 (mens) ranked Czech tennis star 
American actress, star of movie Splash 

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