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Snow SkiingA type of snow created by alternate thawing and freezing. The snow forms into hard crystals about the size of these kernels.
Football (American)This is a trick play, named after an insect, in which a forward pass is preceded by a lateral or handoff.
Auto RacingStart to an auto race where the cars speed up and pass over the start line at close to full speed.
BaseballA specialized pitch delivered with the index and middle fingers giving the appearance of a utensil, in which the ball drops as it nears the plate.
Tennis (and others)An inexperienced tennis player who has very little skill and experience.
GolfThe earned right to be the first to drive off the tee due to having the lowest number of strokes on the previous hole.
Figure SkatingA position where the whole body including arms, shoulders and hips are square to the skater’s line of travel.
BilliardsA game where the balls must be hit into the pockets in order, and the winner is the player who pockets the 9 ball.
Tennis (and other net games)The area on the court between the base line and the service line, from which a player has great difficulty getting in position to return a volley.
Skateboarding (and Snowbaording)The tip of the board.
Table TennisA particular grip where the paddle is held between the thumb and forefinger with the face of the paddle oriented down.
Mountain ClimbingA metal peg hammered into cracks in a rock face to help a climber scale or descend the rock, through which rope can be passed through.
ArcheryA storage case used for carrying arrows.
SurfingA surfboard designed for quick changes in direction - lightweight and about six feet long.
Track and FieldA high jumping technique where the jumper has one leg leading the jump and the other trailing behind, crossing the bar stomach down.
Street LugeA style of competition where the competitor lies on the board stomach down.
EquestrianThe horse riding equipment including saddle, bridle etc.
FishingTo drag a baited line behind a slow moving boat
MiscellaneousA situation in which your opponent gets no score on the board.
Rifle ShootingCircle within the bull’s eye used to separate the winner from the rest of the field in the case of a tie.

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