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AbbreviationLineTV Show/Character
A.T.T.M.The Honeymooners (Ralph)
I.L.I.W.A.P.C.T.The A-Team (Hannibal)
D.H.A.C.M.The Simpsons (Bart)
H.N.Seinfeld (Jerry)
W.H.R.Bugs Bunny (Elmer Fudd)
N.Cheers (entire cast)
D.W.R.Lost in Space (robot)
D.That 70's Show (father)
A.N.F.S.C.D.Monty Python (announcer)
H.D.J.Star Trek (Dr. McCoy)
H.J.The Tonight Show (Ed McMahon)
O.M.G.T.K.K.South Park (boys)
Y.F.The Apprentice (Trump)
L.L.A.P.Star Trek (Spock)
I.T.Y.F.A.Who Wants to Be a Millionare (host)
Y.D.D.The Flinstones (Fred)
L.I.H.I Love Lucy (Ricky)
T.T.W.S.D.I.F.S.Mission: Impossible (voice)
S.A.T.C.Maxwell Smart (Maxwell)
Y. M.I Dream of Jeannie (Jeannie)
N.N.Mork and Mindy (Mork)
AbbreviationLineTV Show/Character
B.E.D.Hawaii Five-0 (Steve McGarrett)
D.I.D.T.Family Matters (Urkel)
I.P.T.F.The A-Team (Mr. T)
G.M.A.Charlie's Angels (Charlie)
T.Y.V.M.Taxi (Latka)
Y.Y.Y.Seinfeld (various)
J.T.F.M.Dragnet (Joe Friday)
S.Y.E.All in the Family (Archie)
Y.G.I.DFull House (Michelle Tanner)
W.L.Y.B.Kojak (Kojak)
T.D.M.M.D.I.Flip Wilson Show (Flip)
T.T.H.S.Survivor (host)
H.H.H.Fat Albert (Fat Albert)
S.O.I.Happy Days (the Fonz)
N.T.T.A.W.W.T.Seinfeld (Seinfeld)
S.I.T.M.Laugh In (various)
T.T.B.Batman (Batman)
C.O.D.The Price Is Right (announcer)
L.F.N.Y.I.S.N.Saturday Night Live (host)
S.S.S.Gomer Pyle (Gomer)
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