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Can you name the part of the famous trio, by process of elimination?

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Forced Order
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Name a traditional primary color
Name one of the last three US Presidents
Name one of Columbus' ships
Name the one of the Three Stooges
Name an ingredient in a BLT
Name a part of the '____ No Evil' saying (monkees)
Name one of the Rice Krispie dudes
Name one of the instructions in the famous fire (burn) prevention rule
Name one of the popular eating utensils
Name one of the Brady Bunch sisters
Name one of The Chipmunks
Name one of the major meals of the day
Name one of the timeline tenses
Name one of the 'elements' in this famous R&B band
Name one of the main Three's Company characters
Name one of the branches of the US Government
Name a part of the title of the 1966 Clint Eastwood Movie about bounty hunting
Name a member of trio that sang Puff, The Magic Dragon
Name one of the sons characters on My Three Sons
Name a material used in building the Three Little Pigs houses

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