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StatInterstate Highway
Interstate that is the most heaviest traveled: 374,000 vehicles per day in Los Angeles
Interstate with the highest point: 11,158 feet in the Eisenhower Tunnel at the Continental Divide
Interstate with the lowest point: −52 feet at New River near Seeley, California
Longest east-west interstate: 3,020 miles from Seattle to Boston
Longest north–south interstate: 1,920 miles from Canadian border to Miami
Longest segment of interstate within one state: 879 miles, Texas
Shortest (two-digit) interstate: 12.27 miles from Emery to Greensboro, North Carolina
The most states (15) are served by this interstate
In 1986, the final section of this coast-to-coast interstate was dedicated in Salt Lake City
In 1990, the final section of this coast-to-coast interstate was dedicated at the Papago Tunnel under Phoenix
StatInterstate Highway
In 1991, this interstate became the final coast-to-coast, with the dedication of an elevated viaduct bypassing Wallace, Idaho
In 1992, the original Interstate Highway system was proclaimed complete with the opening of this interstate through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado.
This interstate is currently being extended from Indiana to Texas
This interstate, not part of the original system, is being constructed in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama
A missing interchange between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and this interstate requires use of a few blocks of US 30
This interstate is being extended north from Lafayette, Louisiana to Kansas City
Portions of this interstate in rural central Utah have a speed limit of 85 mph
This interstate has a maximum speed limit of 45 mph through the Wheeling Tunnel in West Virginia
This interstate has a maximum speed limit of 40 mph through Cumberland, Maryland
This interstate in downtown Cleveland has a suggested speed limit of 35 mph

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