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Can you name the words or expressions with 'hand' in them?

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composer famous for the 'Messiah', typically sung at Easter
1968 Otis Redding tune which went on to be a breakout hit for the Black Crowes in 1990
a 1950's 'dance' and song usually associated with hand movements and claps
manual device used to slow or stop a moving car or train, or keep from moving
word used to describe something that occurs prior to
commonly dispensed ethyl alcohol product used for killing germs
jack of all trades and supposed profession of the character Schneider on sitcom One Day at a Time
transition of football between quarterback and running back or baton between relay runners
a type of tennis shot, usually on the non-dominant side
adjective typically used to describe an attractive male
momento plaster project that kids make for their parents in art class
explosive devise used by the military
a pistol-type firearm
a team sport in the Summer Olympics
a manual of instructions, guidelines, or procedures
an overwrought expression of concern or guilt
technique used by a magician to manipulate objects such as cards
the ability to process visual input to guide a reaching or grasping movement
physical confrontation between persons at short range that does not involve the use of firearms
1967 American prison drama film starring Paul Newman
occupation that George Costanza (Seinfeld) almost had, until he was burned by an iron
expression used by robbers when confronting their victims
the name of the Hamburger Helper mascot
The Beatles first number-one hit, in 1964
a nickname for Eric Clapton
a type of drawing without the use of guiding instruments
the name of the teacher character in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1986 US benefit event in which approximately 6.5 million people formed a human chain
1990 romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp as an unfinished creation
gestures given by cyclists and motorists to indicate their intentions to other traffic

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